Song Writing


It really does all begin with the song...

Whether you have written your own songs or are looking for creative minds to write with, the right songs are key...  A lot of times we'll work in groups of three when writing for an album, and it's fun for me to create little writing trios that you wouldn't normally put together...  It creates an amazing energy that pushes everyone involved.  I find it's good to dig in a little to uncover new truths about yourself when writing, find something relatable to you...  Your Truth...



As a Producer, I have enjoyed working on a very diverse array of styles...  From rocking out with Fallon Bowman of the Canadian metal band Kittie, to taking the "long train" beat with International Country Music Hall of Fame recipient Jerry Foster...  My goal is always to bring a unique and very musical approach, striving to marry top quality musicianship with raw musical emotion...  You need an inspired track if you're really going to dig out an inspired vocal... 

Session Drummer


Geek moment...  For me it's almost not as much of who I'm on tracks for, but who I'm on tracks with...  Even if only in a second, to have had my drumming affect and inspire a masterful performance from the likes of Mark Hill, Tony Levin, Nathan East, Steve Pearce, Phil Keaggy, Jimmy Nichols, Jad Souza, Pat Buchanan, etc...  The 9 years I spent in Nashville doing high pressure 10 songs a day sessions were absolutely amazing, plus not every drummer can say they subbed for Eddie Bayers while in their 20's...