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Are you a recording artist with your own recording set up?

Are you just looking for Nashville Quality backing tracks?

Then this might just be exactly what you're looking for.  As a Producer in Nashville, I spent 9 years working with some of the best session musicians ever...  And I've spent another 9 years here in the UK producing loads of Amazing Artists.  My session musicians and myself can record a backing track at an amazing studio, using live instruments such as an actual Piano, amazing Live Drums in the huge live room, real Organ with Leslie Cabinet, real Bass and Acoustic Guitar and of course Electric Guitars through Amps...  Like a Real Album.

For only £350 per song you get all the individual wav files for all the instruments, PLUS I'll make you a mix of the track that you can start adding your vocals to...  That way you can choose to mix the track or use mine.  

Below is a sample video I have made (with a few short samples), but feel free to email if you would like to hear more Genre Specific Examples...

Sampler Video